Sometimes painfully melancholy, then exuberantly alive, always passionate and usually a little mystical. This is KATIJU.
Under this name, Evin Küçükali and Julia Schüler found each other in Dresden two years ago to interpret oriental and Brazilian folklore in their own way. Inspired by family backgrounds and other musicians, they create an intimate sound that is characterized by Evin’s warm, smoky voice and Julia’s artful guitar playing.
They prove that this unusual mix of longing, far-eastern melodies and lively samba rhythms works not only in their concerts but also on their debut album, where KATIJU invites their listeners to sink into another world.

The two musicians got to know each other while studying at the Academy of Music “Carl Maria von Weber” in Dresden. Since the end of 2016, they have been performing together on various stages in and around Dresden. The first successes were achieved in March 2017 at the “U1-Kleinkunstbrettl” in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, where they were chosen as a crowd pleaser. In February 2018 they played their first tour, now followed by the debut album and a tour with 20 concerts in Germany, as well as in the Czech Republic.

Julia Schüler, born 1995 in Angermünde, had her first contact with non-European music through her teacher, the Italian guitarist and composer Carlo Domeniconi. These influences are evident today in Julia’s guitar playing and in her arrangements for KATIJU.



Evin Küçükali, born 1995 in Bochum, discovered her love for singing at an early age. In addition to piano and guitar lessons, she attended the Bochum Children’s Choir at the age of 12, after which singing lessons followed, among others, with Andreas Schmidt in the field of jazz.